Marketing Idea No. 98 – Unwind……

In England, the football night is nothing short of a religious affair. All the pubs are packed with chanting fans and smoke-filled air. Its more or less the same scenario everywhere, be it on either side of Atlantic or at one particular side of Bay Of Bengal. And there’s a good reason behind it – people need to unwind after 5 days of hectic workload.   

Although our hectic life is getting more hectic with every increasing second, here in a muslim country, the answer to the need of unwinding is not as straightforward as a pub or a lounge. Pub will always be for a select few. And the lounge can never cost-effectively target the middle income.    

That’s why we can have a sort of a go-between of a club and a lounge. This will be a one room shop with one big screen TV, some snacks, soft drinks and a few sofa. Since the cost base is so low, the company who will give these shops can have it like a chain all over the city. As English Premier League is getting more and more popular, on Football nights people can buy Tk 100 tickets, get an entry, watch the game with friends and have a good time. Wouldn’t that be a great way to chill out and unwind during weekend?   

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