Marketing Idea No. 97 – Adding a “De-Caf” and “Low-Caf” coffee line in the coffee business

Checking out the ever increasing number of outlets of Coffee World, as well as traffic in those outlets, coffee is definitely “In”.

What Howard Schultz started years ago through his “Starbucks” dream, has gone the full circle. Before this visionary CEO started this journey, a cup of coffee was just…a cup of coffee. But it was he who made 2 bold, immortal statements.

1. Starbucks will be the 3rd place – after Home, Office, then Cafe. Meaning – people will work on office, sleep at home and chill out in Starbucks cafe.

2. A coffee is not just a cup of coffee. Its a social encounter where people spill out their heart on a cup of coffee.

As we move toward more hectic life, the “Coffee” culture will boom. Just look at India. The fight for coffee supremacy has just notched a gear thanks to the market entry of Starbucks. Finally the giant took notice of this market and it was just a matter of time. Now we can expect a 4 way fight between Starbucks, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day and Coffee World in India.

However, one area where we are missing out is the healthy coffee. While we have all of the sorts, starting from Latte to Mocha – its the de-caf, low-caf or half-caf category thats missing. Now these are considered more healthy due to lower amounts of calorie, caffeine and sugar and they might be just the “new” thing needed to push this coffee boom into a full scale phenomenon.

Right now the coffee culture is focusing on the youth and the young executives. But adding this “healthy” line of coffee, they can broaden the market by enticing the “cash rich” 30+ group.

So whose gonna take that step? 

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