Marketing Idea No. 90 – Brand applications, facebook style

A few months ago I have talked how brand managers can integrate facebook as an extension of their 360 degree brand experience. As it turns out, some brands found out even more ingenious ways to do it. Smart trend-watchers found out that external parties can develop applications for Facebook. And that’s the path they took – developing brand based applications. Here’s a recap of some of the most innovative applications and the brands that adopted them  

  1. Energy drink Red Bull has its own version of the rock-paper-scissors game and has 7,800 daily active users.
  2. Travel portal Trip Advisor has an application where members can mark out the cities they have visited around the world.
  3. Quasar Media, the digital agency of Smile Interactive Technologies Group is developing an application for Zoomtra, a travel fare search engine where members will be able to check out fares instantly.
  4. is providing video content through an innovative application
  5. Tribal DDB India is recruiting people through Facebook applications

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