Marketing idea no. 9 – Branding the flower business in Bangladesh

A flower a day makes the problem go away. Everybody gives flowers. Everybody gets flowers. Nobody is branding flowers. Criminal!

Here are three very important facts about flower branding in Bangladesh

1. In occasions people give a bunch of flowers – not just one, wrapped in some paper, plastic or other form of packaging. And where there is packaging, there is scope for branding. Why not a distinct colored package (Like Tiffany does with their diamonds), that will stand out and immediately anyone will recognise that it is from that Brand?

2. When people receive beautifully packaged flower, they dont throw away the package – rather they keep it as it is. So – long term visibility of your flower brand.

3. Flower is the universal symbol of love. So any flower company can broaden their scope from being in the flower business to being in the “love” business and most importantly – DEMAND A PRICE PREMIUM.

Organizations who can benefit from this idea

We have flower stores like Malancho in our country, but they are hardly into branding. Is there any difference from a Malancho flower than any other flower? There could have been – if they had branded themselves. The same applies for any aspiring flower business in the country

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  1. brittanyflowers 12 years ago

    Good point!

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