Marketing Idea No. 85 – Different logo for different seasons

This idea is contributed by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 

If the product can be customized for different target, can the logo be customized for different occasions and purposes? The brand managers of the world might have an heart attack, but we should.

The holy grail of branding has long been the logo. Every brand have one. Every brand logo have a meaning. And every brand manager have a finicky tendency of maintaining the appropriateness of their logo.

But its overstated. The logo might have meaning – but the customer couldnt care less what hidden insight runs in the lines, circles and stripes. In the same way, logos can change its shape, dynamism by keeping in tact its soul and essence.

The king of this trend is Google. See how frequently Google redecorates its logo in every occasion – in Christmas, Halloween etc. Just enter the Google main page in any occasion ….they wont disappoint you.

By showing a grand display of guts, our local brands can do the same. We may have a festive look for our Arong brand logo during Eid. Or for that matter any other brand – Otobi, Boomers etc. The trick is to find out what is the constant part of your logo and customize the rest of the logo to integrate the occasion into it.

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