Marketing Idea No. 84 – 7 latest consumer lifestyle trends in ’07

Trend 1

Consumers are seeing their home as a “sanctuary” where they can run and take shelter from the big, bad world from time to time, rather than a place of “aspiration” and “decorative lifestyle”

Trend 2

Trust will be the biggest deciding factor in brand success where the big winners will be the megabrands ( which customers will seek out to ensure stability) and microbrands (which customers will seek out for personal touch). The in-between brands will lose out.

Trend 3

Single life is chic and trendy – no longer a sign of doom, gloom and loneliness

Trend 4

A new group of customer called “confessional consumer” are taking charge. These consumers are aware of environmental issues, buy organic stuff but still drive SUV, and enjoy all the sinful blessings of consumption culture. This is confessional consumption with added guilt.

Trend 5

People are tired of juggling different priorities. The era of multitasking is out and monotasking is in, as people are looking for better control in life by pushing the “pause” button from time to time

Trend 6

The big drivers of new economy will be the women. That is why the brand values of all future brands might portray more feminine qualities like – listening, caring etc.

Trend 7

Old myths are being taken out (like “the younger you are, more beautiful you are”). It is being replaced by new myths (“Keeping it real and honest is all that counts”)

Inspired partially by Gettyimages MAP report.

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