Marketing Idea No. 80 – Dinner time is fun time

This idea is contributed by Rizwana Tasneem 

As more & more women are joining the workforce, dinner preparation is becoming a nuisance for many busy women. And there lies a great business opportunity.

I am talking about a store that would cater to selling dinner items & ingredients.There would be fully-equipped, refrigerated recipe stations, complete with freshly-chopped & prepared ingredients, and customers would assemble preselected dinners tailored to their families’ tastes. In a couple of hours, you can leave with 6-12 ready-to-cook entrees. All you’d have to do is just put the assembled pans in the freezer and prepare them in a flash come dinner time. This would also be sort of a bonding session with friends as women can book meal sessions in groups and enjoy a night out with friends.

I know there are some firms who are delivering food at home, but these are restaurant food. And, we all know that can’t be healthy in the long run.

I think having this sort of a store would prove to be a very viable business opportunity in Bangladesh very soon.

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