Marketing Idea No. 78 – Great brand rituals at Tk. 299 only

If good times begin with great pizza, when you can eat as much Pizza as you can at Tk. 299, that’s when real good time begins.   And its good time alright, not only for the hundreds of youth who gather in Pizza Hut everyday, but also for the savvy marketers in Transcom food. They are experiencing a full house everyday for the past 4 years by giving this offer. A room full off hungry young people lining up to have a go at the pizza galore. As a marketer, what more can you expect?  Well, us marketers have a lot to learn from this. 

  1. The pizza hut offer works like magic because it gives the youth to have some fun in groups. When you can come in flocks and hang around, its always a good incentive for youth to drop by.
  2. In fact, it has become a sort of a competition regarding who can eat more Pizza. If one can gulp down a sizeable number of pizza, it gives him the bragging rights. And this alone has created a sort of an urban legend. Some says that the highest number of pizza was eaten by a guy who ate 21 slices. Some say its more than that – in fact, its almost 30. Whatever the number is, such enthusiasm and mythical number crunching must be music to the ears of any marketers.

So when you combine community fun, with good food, great competition and some good old fashioned hype and urban myths – you have nailed a winning formula for years. What Pizza Hut has created has little to do with good food. Its all about the grand experience. That’s the power of branded ritual for you.   If you can find a ritual like that for your brand, that’s going to go a long way to establish and integrate your brand into your target audience lifestyle. Just do an audit and find out how you can create a ritual that your customers can adopt which will not only be a fun experience for the customers but also be great for your cash register.

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  2. Ishtiaque 14 years ago

    Hehe…it’s a coincidence to be reading about pizza hut cause I just posted something about pizza hut in facebook!

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