Marketing Idea No. 74 – If your cause marketing is not “Hip”, its destined to die

Non-profit marketing now has a for-profit makeover. People finally understood that be it breast cancer or child labor, if you cant market your message properly by using the rules of the marketing game and not glamorize your cause somehow, you will never get the momentum that your cause deserves.

Global Warming was a household name for decades without much hype and hoopla around it. Add a charismatic ex-vice president called Al Gore, a best selling book, an award winning documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth”, a globe-trotting concert called Live Earth on 7-7-07 (7th July 2007) and thousands of workshops around the world – and suddenly Global Warming is more “hip” than Michael Jackson. And that’s the power of media and branding for you.   

Similarly American Heart Association also followed suit. On February 3 Empire State Building glowed red. Niagara Falls was red for one day. All this to create hype and consciousness around the risk of heart diseases.  So for the crusader who was dreaming to change the world through better causes, the only way to move it forward is to embrace modern marketing practices. It is only through proper marketing can we create necessary awareness for our genuine causes.

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