Marketing Idea No. 68- Use technology well

Are you using technology well?

If the answer to this question is an indecisive yes or a blatant no, then you should pay attention.While its often said that the rules of the branding game has changed over the past decade, few has gone on and pin-point the exact reason for that phenomenon. While the usual suspect is the growing reduction of customer time span and increase in the number of product and category choices – these are mere effects of a much greater cause. And that cause can be simplified in two words – technological impact.

If you are sitting in your ivory tower and plan that technology is for technical company only, then you are about to be condemned with “dinosaur” syndrome. Not only do brands, regardless of category or country, need technology – but they need to be on top of it.

Check out the movers or shakers in the global branding arena. Which names stand out? Apple, Google, Nike, Walmart to name some. And what do they have in common? A keen understanding and mastery of technology. What are the buzzwords of modern era branding? Customer Relationship Management, Ambient media, Web 2.0 etc. At the heart of all these revolution is technology.

What used to take 20 years to do, now it happens in 2. And that’s all due to technology. Take the example of personal computer category. We used to believe that a category leader can stay a category leader for a long period of time and its almost impossible to topple the leader from the number 1 position. But in our lifetime we have seen Dell passing HP for number 1 position in PC and then HP hitting back and tacking the number 1 position from Dell after a few years.

What we used to think is impossible, can now be made possible – thanks to technology. Think product customization catering to individual tastes. Levi’s is making jeans for individuals, customizing it according to their preference.So the lesson is, if you are late at the game  u need to push the accelerator because this is one game that is played at break-neck speed. Use technology, the latest ones; to understand, design and meet the demands of your customers. That’s a need to have, no longer a good to have. 

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