Marketing Idea No. 65 – Introducing Marketing 2.0

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Marketing 2.0 is a natural outgrowth of Web 2.0 as it refers to the transformation of marketing resulting from the network effect of the Internet. Marketing 2.0 represents a dramatic shift in marketing to account for customers researching and buying goods and services independent of advertising and marketing campaigns and messages. With broadband as the new utility in the household and at work, customers now make decisions on their own terms, relying – in seconds – on friends, family, colleagues, and other trusted networks to form opinions. Marketing 2.0 is about turning transactions into interactions and interuptions into integrations. Here are some examples of what that translates into:

Marketing 1.0 Marketing 2.0
           commercials                product placements
           press releases                blog posts
           direct mail                email
           push content                pull content (RSS)
           collateral                videos
           seminars                webinars/podcasts
           business generated content                user generated content
           building websites                building communities

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