Marketing Idea No. 64 – Your customers can be your new distribution channel

In the mass customization and word of mouth dominant era, this might be a very very relevant idea – why not use customers as a distribution channel?

Its a simple 3 step process

1. Create some fantastic, customized product for some opinion leaders, catering to their indivisual tastes.

2. Since you have gone to such great length to make those products according to their personal taste, these opinion leaders turned customers will work as your brand champion. They will proudly flaunt your product to others who dont have your product simply because – they have the product and the others dont (Since its custom made)

3. After the flaunting stage, send some of your products to them and ask them if they would like to sell them to potential new customers. Those customers will be eager to do so for two reasons – they will like to enjoy the power of selling some “Wow” products to people who dont have access to the products to enforce their influence and also because they will like to reinforce their position as opinion leaders of the society.

However, to make this distribution channel work, the product has to be a “glamour” product of some sort and there should be scope for customization.

  1. Debasish 14 years ago

    old concept, destiny is doing on almost same multi level marketing concept. But for especial type high cost products this may be effective, though in multilevel marketing concept some companies are selling commodities like rice, atta, oil etc. How ever hoping jweleries and tailors may follow it.

  2. Don 14 years ago

    U know Debasish Bhai, the company Destiny Ltd is almost selling EVERYTHING thru this multi-level marketing thingi!

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