Marketing Idea No. 63 – Reality Bites. So escape.

There has always been a long drawn debate whether we like to see what we want to see or would we like to see reality as it is. Some of the analysis is very interesting.

1. The ever popular saans-bohu saga in the hindi serials are a huge crowd puller among the female audience. Take a look and you will see how far from reality certain things are that are portrayed there. Consider the fact that almost everyone is gorgeus and always dressed to kill. Consider the fact that they are always tense and overly melodramatic. And consider the fact that they will do anything to increase ratings!

2. I cant seem to get enough of the Hindi media scene. How about the indian films consisting of 5-8 songs where the lead actors and actresses actually lip sing and dance. The fact that we see this scene from the moment we laid our eyes on our VCR since 80s does not stop me asking the question, “Does this reflect reality? Does anyone anywhere in the world sing and dance like that?”  

3. Enough Bollywood bonanza, how about a bite out of the Hollywood? For the last 8 years or so, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is one of the top TV series in USA, finishing as the number 1 series quite a few times. What this series shows is a group of talented CSI detectives who not only derive clues out of crime scenes, but also interrogate the suspects, make arrests, and steal the entire limelight. But anyone who has some clue about police business will know that CSI people are responsible for crime scene analysis only and they work behind the scene – let alone kicking down suspects doors.

4. Now the biggest joke of them all. When we see Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham asking us to drink Pepsi, use All Clear and ride Alto – some of us actually believe they are saying so because they feel good about the product or actually use the product out of their own free will! Need i elaborate more?

So here’s the bottom line for the marketers – people dont always like reality. In fact given the option, people will escape reality more often than not and live in fantasy worlds. That is why when we are designing our brand strategy – reality needs to be balanced with like-ability and aspiration.

So dont show the mother of two his family all the time. Show her in the back of a luxury car. That just might make her like your brand more.

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