Marketing Idea No. 60 – Why we confuse marketing with sales

Its a sad scenario. In our country all of the companies have marketing department, but the sole responsibility of almost all of the employees of these departments is selling. Here is a classic case of confusing marketing with selling.

To get the record straight, marketing and selling are not synonimous. Running the risk of incurring the wrath of American Marketing Association, i would like to define the distinction between marketing and selling in the following ways. (These definitions are influenced by similar definitions of Mark Goulston.)

1. Marketing is compelling your customers to come and buy your product

2. Selling is convincing your prospect to buy it

Put in another way

1. Marketing is about creating or aligning the demand / needs of customers with the product

2. Selling is about aligning the product with the customer needs.

Hopefully this will clear up the confusion.

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