Marketing Idea No. 55 – Use your business card as a promotional tool

Be it the small start ups or large corporates, local or mutltinationals, puffed up budget owner or cash constraints proprietor – one thing we all need and have is a visiting card. And that small card may just be our biggest selling and brand building tool.


1. It creates an impression. And anything that creates an impression is a brand building tool.

2. It creates the first impression of you. Meaning – it creates the first and last impression about your brand ( If first impression = last impression according to popular saying)

So treat your visiting / business card like its a print ad for your brand. Ensure it upholds your brand promise, sells your product and creates a brand impression. That is more important at times, than saying your website address, your designation and other things.

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  1. Waheed 12 years ago

    Along with the business card, the ‘Email Signature’ can be used as an excellent promotional tool as well. Daily we need to mail to many people who are not part of our organizations. Each of us usually develop our own style of email signatures. Since email is a communication tool which we frequently use, companies can design customized Email Signature Template signifying the essence of the companies’ business, objectives, and values. Using such Email Signatures of the same design by all the employees would definitely send a consistent message about the company, its business, its objectives, and its values; hence could act as a strong promotional tool.

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