Marketing Idea No. 52 – Pen industry can revive through a record breaking feat

This idea is contributed by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 

Gone are the days when we used to say “Econo likhey chomotkar, ek kolomoey mile par”. Those were the golden days of Bangladeshi pen manufacturers. But since then, along with the advent of global imports flooding the market, the local pen industry has not dominated the media space for a long time. And its about time they make a glorious return to “top of the mind awareness”.

What they need is a PR success. So how about a record breaking attempt of collecting autographs? People from all walks of life in Bangladesh will use the pen of a certain local brand like Econo or Globe and sign an autograph in a big book. That book will be travelled all over Bangladesh, where people can give their autograph. If properly maneauvered this can gather some publicity momentum and the sponsoring pen company can gain some great mileage out of it. And it can also be used as a mode of social awareness communication by tagging along with Save the Children or Acid Survivors.

Through such activations, the pen company can pen their way to prominence.

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