Marketing Idea No. 47 – A New Car for “Lindsay Lohan”- types

Finally a car that can put a rest to drunk driving! Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ricchie, eat your heart out.

Nissan is testing a new drunk driving prevention technology in Japan, where an on board breathalyzer will sniff the amount of alcohol in driver’s breath. And if the amount is more than what is legally allowed, ignition will be disabled by an interlock mechanism.

Toyota is doing something similar where they will detect unsafe drunk driving by detecting the sweating pattern of the driver and how he is handling the steering wheel.

A big hurrah for Japanese car makers.

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  1. What about adding the same technology in motorcycle?

    And the other thing, it would be great, if we can add a secure GPS system (like a black box in the airplane) which will be connecting with main traffic controlling system. Then if a vehicle ever crash then a signal will be transferred to the main traffic controlling system which will confirm the location of the accident and then the authority can take necessary action by going there possible soonest time.

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