Marketing Idea No. 31 – Giving a burial services firm in Bangladesh

This idea is contributed by Rabeya Ahmed

When we want to pay our last respect to some loved one that passed away, the last thing we want to be bogged down with is the bugging details.

Wouldnt it be great if someone can arrange for the body to be washed and cleaned, arrange for the prayer service, collect the Kafon and other necessary items, prepare the body, arrange for burial services and then arrange all the program – Qulkhani, Chollisha?  Wouldnt it be great if someone can took that hassle from us so that we can mourn in peace?

In western countries we have funeral homes and services who takes care of all these things. But in our country, its still a vacant field. We have services company for all sorts of things – from AGM to picnic. But why not for something as important and inevitable as burial services? 

Its high time someone takes care of it.

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  1. Nice idea. Now we need a brave heart who can make it.

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