Marketing idea no 251 – BYOD. A modern twist in smart phone and demise of Blackberry

BYOB. For years bring your own booze has been like music to one’s ears. But for RIM, the canadian makers of Blackberry smart phone, a new phenomenon called BYOD or bring your own device is signalling the end of Blackberry era.

Blackberry currently holds just 8.2 percent market share in smart phone category it created. its stock price has fallen by 80 percent in one year. It has lost 125 million dollar in Q1 2012. And its founders and Co CEO Balsillie and Mike Lazaradis have both resigned amid pressure last year. Its clear that Blackberry harvesting season is running into trouble.

A lot of it is due to the popularity of Apple and Android software running phones. Blackberry is a darling of the corporate crowd thanks to its tight security and enterprise sollutions. But there hasnt been a great phone from RIM for a long time and as a result executives started bringing their own phones, which in almost all cases is an i-phone or Android, and that puts pressures on the companies to allow employees use their own phone for office purpose instead of the boring Blackberry that they are giving to the employees. Eventually the tech guys in corporates, who are the biggest supporters of Blackberry thanks to the amount of control it gives the IT guys, understood that the company is better of buying a phone that employees want and use. Which is a I-phone or Android.

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  1. Shajidur Rahman 9 years ago

    I think it was a poor market research of Blackberry. They should follow up the current business trends not the traditional one .Poor strategic planning is responsible for current position of Blackberry.

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