Marketing Idea No. 248 : How to link social obligation with social network and ensure effective fundraising

Its a very intriguing statistic. 1 billion people in the world is connected to social media now. And 1 billion people in the world dont have access to clear drinking water. And in this unlikely comparison, a site called Water Forward found an idea to connect the dots. Designed as a photo album, in Water Forward people can buy portrait space for their friends at $10 / portrait and that money goes to charity that makes clean drinking water available in poor countries.

Water Forward is not the only example where social network is used effectively for fund raising purpose. Nine out of ten non profits in USA is now present in social network. Therefore, social communication has found a space in social network just like corporates and multi-nationals. And it makes total sense. As more and more people want to engage instead of just being told to do something and as more people spend more and more time in social networks, thats the place to go to initiate fund raising and create social awareness.

On January 13th, volunteers from 83 countries converged in Estonia to launch World Cleanup 2012 which is the largest and most ambitious rubbish and garbage collection movement till date. Again, social media played a big role in it.

Social network is a handy little way to build up a steady group of followers and volunteers who would like to be involved in their favorite cause and do their part of being a good samaritan.


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