Marketing Idea No. 25 – Customized Gift Shops

This Idea is contributed by Rizwana Tasneem 

Whenever there’s a gift to buy for a birthday or anniversary or any other special occasion, nearly all of us have to rack our brains trying to think of the perfect gift to give to that special someone. What we end up doing is buying something straight from the shelf, because there is no other option. Not much thought goes into this.

The big idea

Introducing gift shops specializing in customized gifts. You tell the store what you want the gift to be, how you want it customized according to the receiver’s tastes & likes, choice of ribbons & decorations. That way, you give the person what he/she likes and something that will be close to their hearts. So, for example, if you want a certain gift item in a different color, or if you want to gift a box of brownies to your friend and you want it in his/her favourite blueberry flavor, they will cater to that.

  1. Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 14 years ago

    The idea on “Customized Gift Shops” is fine, I appreciate it. But one thing is very important for producing product is cost minimization. I think it would be difficult to control the price when there will be customized gift item instead of choosing something from the bulk amount. If price issue doesn’t matter, then the idea is ok.

  2. bangladeshcorporate 14 years ago

    Indeed customization would increase the price and it is taken for granted that we need to pay the premium for customizing a gift item according to our minute preferences. Its also true that the person to be presented such gifts would perceive the item to be ‘close to heart’ and the high price association would be assumed naturally.

    However such an idea would have to target a niche in the market only as not many in our country would be willing to pay that extra buck for a customized gift.

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