Marketing Idea no. 212 – How to create a distinct navigation and spatial layout

We agree that advertising is important for brand building. So is finding a good brand name, being very good in after sales service and how much penetration your distribution has.

Here’s something to think about. How you create navigation in your outlets or in your product is also a key for effective branding.

This shouldnt come as a shock. After all, what built the great brand name of Nokia. No, its not the fancy N-series. Also, neither the Music Express nor business friendly E-Series. Its the ease of navigation within a Nokia set, which was custom built into a Nokia handset back in the days when big 3310 handsets were cool. Thats the numero uno reason we stuck with Nokia, because it felt so easy to explore anything by using a Nokia handset. And its remarkably consistent. You ditch one Nokia and take up another, and even the stupidest dude can start exploring the new handset in no time.

For Nokia, the word that built the brand is user friendliness.

Can you say the same thing about your brand? I feel amazed specially when i visit super shops. If you are blindfolded and led inside a super shop, can you tell which shop it is by identifying its internal layout? What about hotels? If you wake up with a hangover inside a hotel room with no knowledge of in which hotel you crashed last night after the great party, can you tell the name of the hotel?

Unfortunately no. So much money is spent on creating the cosmetic look of a place. But none spends any thought or money to make the inside of your outlet or product distinct.

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  1. Sakib Jalil 11 years ago

    Very good point that you observed. Nokia uses Fitt´s Law to design its keypad and internal layout and spends hundreds of hours for usability checking. They are more scientific than decorative.

    —[Keywords: Usability Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction ]

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