Marketing Idea No. 205 – Mediocristan

What is mediocre?

To answer that lets talk about Transformers: revenge of the fallen. Here is a film that has got some of the worst reviews in history and to be honest, it is really a bad movie. But it ended up becoming the second highest opening five day grossing film of all time, only behind the awesome Dark Night.

The million dollar question is, how can a mediocre movie earn overwhelming profit when a great movie earn hardly any profit? The simple answer to the mediocre question is, most of the people in this world are mediocre. And they are not concerned about the greatness of the next best oscar winning movie. Because they are interested in mediocrity, not greatness.

Most of us want a safe mediocre career. Most of us prefer mediocre, middle of the road products. We dont want great intricate products. We want simple mediocre solutions.

So next time when you wonder why so many follow such brainless music, watch brainless films and buy safe products….you have to know my friend…you are the minority…not them.

We live in mediocristan. So cater your communication and products to mediocre people, not to the great people you love to hang.

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