Marketing Idea No. 204 – When in Bangladesh, be Bangladeshi

The sun always shines in Bangladesh

Everyone knows we are emotional people. That’s nothing new. Simply blindly being emotional about your advertising will not make your brand stand out. Moreover, all the countries in Indian sub-continent are emotional. What emotion is uniquely Bangladeshi? Its called – unjustified, relentless optimism.

Have you ever wondered why we are always in a hurry? Point in note – traffic jam. Countries all over the world have traffic jam, but only in Bangladesh would you see the kind of “cant-wait-for-nobody-for-a-second” kind of attitude. Be it in roads, be it cinema ticket lines.

That’s the searching nature of us. In the immortal words of Bono we “still haven’t found what we are looking for”. We are unbelievably pissed about our present and tremendously optimistic about our future. So whatever that can get us away from here, from right now is what we are looking for all the time. Hence the rush, hence the hurry all the time.

What brand marketing implications does that have? It means your brand must paint a positive picture about future. It means you should refrain from functionality and negativity – at times even when it is proving a point. It means fantasy has a bigger role to play in advertising. It means brands that will make it more aspirational rather than being relevant and realistic will succeed in the long run.

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  1. Ahmed Minhazul Arefin 12 years ago

    a logical implication..

    Is there any country other than bangladesh with similar attributes.. it might help us in understanding how marketers there approaching in creating values for their brands??

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