Marketing Idea No. 203 – What does your designation say about you?

They say employees are the face of the brand. If thats it, what does their designations and titles say to customers?

Here’s a situation. You go to a party and you meet people. You strike up a conversation and as a matter of fact (without being too obivious) you push your visiting card to the other person. It says you are the “Customer Service Manager”. But what really does your card say to the receipient of the visiting card? He thinks, you treat potential customers like him as ….customers. Whats so great and exciting about that? Absolutely nothing.

But here’s a designation for you, “Manager, Creating Special Moments.” Now thats magical. Thats something you might be interested in. Thats a conversation starter. Thats inspiring.

I know of a company who called their Head of Marketing as “Head of Excitements” and their Head of Sales as “Head of New Opportunties”. Now tell me if thats exciting or what?

What it makes your employees and your brand is…it helps you stand out. It helps you become humane. You are no longer a Customer Service Manager. You are a “Manager, A Friend in Need”.

What can possibly top a friend in need?

  1. STalukder 12 years ago

    I really like this idea! It’s simple, and as mentioned it can send a powerful message about the organization’s attitude towards customers.

  2. Waheed 12 years ago

    Shahriar Bhai, this is Waheed from BBA 12th (IBA)……this is an awesome idea…really brilliant!!

    • Masnoon Ahmed 11 years ago

      I started my own business after completing my BBA@nsu, and side by side also looking for jobs. I was really waiting for such kind of site.

      A really good write up, thanks to Mr Shahriar, I wish I could have found this blog before. Can’t stop reading…

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