Marketing Idea No. 200 – Very superstitious….writing’s on the wall

Whats common between black cats, stepping on a crack in the floor, number 4 in china, walking under a ladder and wearing a lucky shorts in all games?

Superstitions. Love it or hate it, but you can never deny it.

Superstitious or not, we can never deny the power of such ridiculous notions in our lives. In fact, scientists claim that superstitions are nothing but our desire for control in an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable world. Here’s an interesting fact. During the Gulf War, the areas that were attacked by Scud missiles, there was a rise in superstitious belief.

Superstitions are slowly but heavily creeping into business world. There is no 13th row in Air France, KLM and Continental. In far east, “Kit Kat” as a brand exploded in popularity because it rhymes with the word “Kitto-Katsu”, which means win without fail. After two 191 numbered flights crashed, Delta and American Airlines both retired that flight number permanently. Michael Jordan always weared his favorite Carolina Tar Heels shorts under his Bulls jersey in match days.  

The best way to deal with superstition is not react to it, but making strategies about how to exploit it for your business purpose. Its all about making your customers feel safe and secured. Its about making them feel that even in these unpredictable world, your brand will help them control their life and everything surrounding the way they want it.

So are you ready to tackle the superstition challenge? Sure?

Ok. Its raining outside in a wedding day, which is supposed to be bad luck for groom and bride. How would your brand deal with it?

Go figure.

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