Marketing Idea No. 3 – If we can have Reality TV, why not reality based books, drama and cinema?

Let’s imagine. Humayun Ahmed is writing his new book. But rather than creating a fictional family, he uses your name, your family, your home, your life and everything related to you – wouldnt that be great?

Thats the idea of reality based books – even drama or cinema. Imagine how important you would feel. And imagine how much publicity that will create for the book or drama.

The execution is simple – the writer of the drama or books invites people to send their life story with details to him. Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame – so it is safe to assume that people will want to star in a cinema or book big time and send a lot of entries. The huge uproar that creates will ensure that at least those who submitted their name for that book will buy the book and will definitely recommend people to buy it. Therefore, even before the launch the writer or publisher or producer can ensure a huge ready audience for the book or drama – making it an instant hit even before its launched. The novelty of the idea means people will talk about it a lot. And most importantly – it can make any average family a star – something that most of us dream of.

Organizations that can benefit from the idea 

By all means – any writer, publisher, cinema script writer, producer of drama, network executive – anyone can reap the benefits of this idea.

  1. Toffael Rashid 14 years ago

    wow – this is very insightful …. and I think you could be onto something here ….when I read this thought, I remember back to how I feel when I watch a movie based on real events or read someone’s biography …. there is so much more personal investment and resonance on my part ….. Likewise advertorials tend to get very good cut through in advertising testing ……Think this could be a major trend going forward

  2. Ashfaque Ahmed 14 years ago

    nice idea….only a few problems…we always tend to change our own stories to make our role just a bit better. if people can write outright lies in their CVs, wat stops them from making up their own stories and sending them to the writer??? and about the part being famous…it reminded me of a movie i was watching a few days ago…i think it was called “ED” where this guy had a TV channel where he was being showed 24/7 and how dat almsot ruined his life.

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