Marketing Idea No. 198 – How Head of HR can help in brand marketing

George Bernard Shaw straightforwardly (if not rightfully) claimed once that youth is wasted on young people. The same can be claimed about Branding and its sole owner up to now….the Brand Manager.

Simply put, branding is too big an issue to be kept solely in the custody of brand manager. Two person should immediately chip in. One is the more obvious one, the Chief Executive Officer. He/she should become the big brand champion to the outside stakeholders.

If CEO is the brand custodian for outside stakeholders, then the HR director should become the brand custodian for internal stakeholder.

Historically, the role of HR director has been quite dubious. What exactly is his role? He doesnt recruit…the line managers do. He doesnt train…the trainers do. He doesnt terminate either….he simply carrries out the execution order.

By transforming the HR directors role as more the brand champion inside the organization, HR director now has a more important role to play inside the organization as well as in the boardroom.

As more and more companies are understanding the significance of internal marketing, the Head of HR should embrace this new role and the challenges that come with it.

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