Marketing Idea No. 185 – How to grow a paparazzi business

Strike a pose. Here comes the paparazzi.

Being “papped” by the paparazzi is an honor no longer limited for the famous. A NY-based business called Methodlzaz has cottoned on to the public’s craving for unposed shots and now takes requests from ordinary folk. On request, Methodlzaz will send a photographer to secretly take paparazzi style photograph of clients going about their daily business.  To arrange the service all you have to do is to submit a photo along with details of your daily schedule and nominate a certain mood that you’d like immortalised on film.

So if you ever wondered what it feels like being a celebrity, hounded by paparazzi, this is your chance.

  1. Rumi 13 years ago

    If I give ur photo and ur wrk schadule, then they will shoot your photograph on behalf of me !
    OMG this is a freaking idea !

  2. notitiae 11 years ago

    Greeting for the post…

    Merry Christmas by NotitiAE… link with a present on Paparazzi…

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