Marketing Idea No. 180 – How to do an effective fundraising campaign

Living in a society where the big things matter, breaking it down to small might be the most effectice strategy.

People generally think they are not capable of big things. They get overwhelmed by the bigness of the problem. And hence they question the feasibility of the solution.

Here’s a thought why fund raising campaigns dont work. When you ask money for a noble cause like rehabilitating Hurricane Sidr victims, you are basically talking about helping thousands of people by raising millions. Faced with a situation like that, its normal for people to think “What good will my Tk. 500 do?” or “How can i help thousands of people?”. With that in mind, people refrain from donating. Here the bigness of the problem and the bigness of the solution, deters from getting the ball rolling.

But if we can break it down by saying, “Your responsibility is to help one people, not thousands”, then people can wrap their head around that. Then they will think “yeah, i can certainly help one people get his house up!”

Conventional wisdom says make it big to make an impact. But as we have seen, in certain cases by making the problem look small, we can really work towards a solution.

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