Marketing Idea No. 17 – Creating a health food restaurant

 This idea is contributed by Nadia tabassum 

Before Nike, exercise and health-consciousness was sweaty, tedious and defintely not the in-thing. Then cam the “Just do it” campaign back in the mid 80s. And suddenly health-consciousness and exercising turned “sexy”.

Fast forward 20 years – and the world is going nuts over healthy living. And the touch can be felt here – on this side of India Ocean as well. Take a look at the youth of today – the slim, thin and image conscious bunch who would do anything to look good. And in a country where lack of entertainment is as prevalent as the ever increasing mosquitoes – eating out is a MUST DO when youth are hanging out. What if we can combine these together – eating out and healthy living?

A look at the restaurants all across Dhaka will showcase a growing number of diverse culinary experieneces – but none of them sells healthy food exclusively. In the era of counting cholesterols, bulging stoamch lines and ever increasing heart disease – who wouldnt want to try out something healthy, if its made hip, trendy and a “group thing”?

The Big Idea

Create a health food restaurant, invest heavily on the experiential part so that young people come in groups and health conscious elders can come and justify som,e of his earlier not-so-healthy food indulgences. Pizza Hut and Steak in the week – with a weekend trip to the health food restaurant to detox….seems like the perfect complement.

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  1. Nadia 14 years ago

    The Health Food restaurant can also be developed in collaboration with a Gym….The target market for both are the same, people who want to look good and be healthy at the same time.

    Also, both eating out and working out is more fun when it’s done in a group, hence the expriential part can also be promoted jointly.

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