Marketing Idea No. 168 – Why you should never do a teaser campaign

Remember Digen Barma? He was the peer certified cool dude, who created so much hype back in the 90s as a mysterious character. Then after so much teasing when it was revealed that Digen Barma is none other than a fictitious character created to promote Frooty, everyone felt cheated. This???!!! After so much hype…its all about Frooty fruit juice? 

Remember Silky Kumar? The same fate. Everyone was overhyped about this funky, goofy character and his weird comments.  Then it was revealed that all this teasing was done by Axe.

Today, none can put a price tag on hype and buzz. Its essential to build a brand, to break the clutter. But when its time to tease the market though creating buzz without revealing the brand, few things must be kept in mind.

1. Its one thing creating the buzz. Its another to deliver something for the customer to meet the expectation. Both are equally important. Teasing increases expectation manifold. So be 200% sure on your product delivery before launching a teaser campaign.

2. Historically, teaser campaigns must lead to a fantastic product launch. You cant just tease the market and launch a great corporate campaign or a funny looking advertisement. Then the customers will ask “Is this what you were trying to sell me all this time? An advertisement?

So tease me. But beware of the consequenses.


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  1. Rizwan 10 years ago

    Imressive writting indeed….

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