Marketing Idea No. 165 – Introducing Support Group services like relationship counselling etc.

It was always staring right into my face, but when a close associate asked me the question only then i really noticed.

Why does so many people give such detailed, personal and emotionally revealing status in Facebook? 

The answer is simple. In an increasingly impersonal world, people have a stronger than ever desire of connecting and bonding with people. In a world where very few people ask their neighbours how they are today, people have an almost burning need of telling whats in their heart and mind.

With such unplanned urbanization of our mind, support group services can be really helpful in our country. While there are so many growing health care services to take care of our physical health, there are scarce few, if any, that can take care of our mental health. Its true that support group services like Alcoholic Anonymous and Attention Deficit Disorder Anonymous are not really in need in our country, but how about relationship support? How about divorce support groups? Overeating? Old age bonding?

While support groups are a less extreme form of counselling, its true effect lies in making people feel they are not alone suffering in the concrete jungle. And if anyone has ever really felt like that, he or she will know how important that is to a suffering person. 

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