Marketing Idea No. 15 – A low-cost Mini Gym for women

On the supply side – there are lots of gym with lots of high cost equipments, most of them remaining unused.

On the demand side – millions of women in Bangladesh who are 30+, advised by doctor to walk and exercise.

 But somehow the supply side and demand side never met. The reason being, women will not go to any GYM where men go and they usually will not do anything much other than walking and running.

The Big Idea

1. A women only Mini-Gym consisting of only treadmill. 

2. Millions of overweight women, who would love to walk but cant do so due to unavailability of open spaces and the social taboos, will use this facility

3. Because for women, exercise must be positioned as a “Group thing” where they can meet with other women and walk in a comfortable environment.

4. Because of the low cost of the Mini-Gym ( Only treadmills and no other fancy equipments),  it can be made into a chain and spread all over the nation.

5. Using only treadmill, frees up a lot of open space. Thats why the real estate cost is also minimum – and GYMs can break even in a very short time

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  1. Toffael Rashid 14 years ago

    whilst Bangladeshi women are the most desirable in the world, thy can be known for their infamous rice tummy ….. so there is a market!!!

    Hee hee

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