Marketing Idea No. 138 – How to heal a battered mind

The urban jungle is extending its wings and life in Dhaka will never be the same.  

We are gradually shifting from a single mode, family oriented, 9 to 5 office going life towards a multi-tasking, dual mode (workaholic at office, letting hair lose at party), career focused, focus shifting orientation. As our life becomes more and more hectic, demands for certain products will increase. People will look for comfort and individual space more and more. That means spiritual guidance, authentic and peaceful experience and  de-stressing activity will be more and more in vogue.  

As a part of this shift, we are seeing massage parlors, resorts and Spas opening up last year. But that takes into account the physical and mental torture that we subject ourselves everyday. But the soul beating that we take day in day out is still waiting for healing. There is an increasing need for us to confide on people, to speak our mind in peace and without interruption and learning to address inner peace when the world outside is going crazy. And that is where businesses like spiritual counseling and psychotherapy come in.  

These kind of businesses are in tremendous demand in western countries. But due to lack of awareness and quality personnel there is a vacant spot in our country in this sector. We do have Quantum Method and Silva Method, but they are still very niche and lacks awareness in mass segment. By carefully positioning this fledgling business, by creating the need for such spiritual healing, by inviting spiritual gurus and counselors from abroad to hold sessions and by training our local pool to address these need – the spiritual healing business can expect a big bang boom in the coming days.

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