Marketing Idea No. 133 – Creating a new music genre to help the aspiring music bands

When band music announced its arrival we all sit up and took notice. When underground music suddenly became the most interesting sound above the ground, we all gathered around and joined in the party. But after a while its all starting to sound the same. One of the main reason is just like product marketing, music marketing has reached a snag in our country.Here’s a solution that might help.

In brand marketing, its an age old that to be the most preferred brand, just create a new category and be the first in it. Don’t be a Cola No. 2, be a Non-cola category No. 1, hence 7 Up was born. Don’t be a computer manufacturer No. 2, create a handheld gadget category and be the number 1 in it. Hence, Palm Pilot was born.

Just like that in music, aspiring bands can create a new genre and be the first in it. By doing that their tune will not only sound different, but they will appeal to a different segment and create a lot of good publicity (Just think about it! The papers will create fascinating stories about a new style of music invented in the country)

History showed us that the bands that has invented new music genre and pioneered in it has reached immortal status. Ray charles was the first to mix gospel music into mainstream. Pink Floyd created psychedelic music genre. Nirvana started the punk and alternative revolution.So by innovating a new genre that is truly our very own, the new music bands can stand apart. Because currently what they are doing is creating a bee-line behind the Blacks and Artcells who enjoyed initial success.

  1. New Band 11 years ago

    There are a lot of new music bands.
    Are you looking for the best new music bands?

  2. mohon 10 years ago

    Is it so easy to create a completely new genre?
    Could u pls provide some tips on how can someone create a new genre?

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