Marketing Idea No. 116 – Can we make formulas in branding?

Over the years we had a love affair with formulas, be it the ones we mastered for maths exams or the ones we thought will get us through the day in crunching calculus. Its pure science at its best. But can something as common sensical, beautiful yet unpredictable as branding can be tied into a formula?

Well we can try. In fact tying the reigns of some of the aspects of branding can be an effective way to make the branding sermon be heard by the mass. Because mass is always interested in putting things in logical order, in black and white. And thats one of the reasons why we have found maths and calculus to be easy to understand, but branding to be “undecipherable”.

Although i do not recommend brand formulas for the advanced understanding, the following formulas can be very handing for anyone who eants to understand the basic stuffs.

1. Brand = P + C ( Where P stands for a “Promise” of a benefit that can help us “Choose” anything)

2. Brand  = Body + Soul ( Where Body stands for the functional benefits and Soul sgtands for the emotional benefits of the brand)

3. Brand = P + D * S (Where P = Positioning, D= differentiation and S= Sustainable)

These are not scientific formulas. But through such practice, we can actually make branding appear simple and even more importantly….DOABLE. 

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