Marketing idea No. 114 – Create mystique and secrecy

Does your brand have a secret ingredient?

It always pays to create mystery around your brand. Dont think so? Check the examples

1. Coca Cola and its “Merchandise 7x” is one of the 100 year old brand secrets locked up in a bank in Atalanta. Still everyone wonders, what coke is really made off…

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken thrives on the original 11 herbs and ingredients that Colonell used to make his chicken. Till date, its a well appetising secret.

How about the secrecy regarding the launch of I-Phone or I-Mac? How about the hoopla around whats gonna happen at the end of Harry Potter book 7? Who will die and who will be spared…the big mystery! How about the new movie that will be launched by J.J. Abrams (Writer of mega hit series “Lost”), where everyone knows its this big movie…but no one knows what its name is and what its about!!!

Secrecy is in. And if you have a way to create secret cults, rituals, mysteries to align with your brand….now is as good a time as any.

What you need is a damn good story for which everyone will go ga ga….

  1. Don 14 years ago

    Bhaiya this is a great Idea..I guess I’ll use it for OUT OF THE BOX…its a news film made by Mati, a production house in which I’m a part now, as a working partner. and I’m in charge for the entire nationwide promotions and distributions..I guess I’ll use this idea in thr film…”what is out of the box?”


  2. shahriar amin 14 years ago

    This indeed is a great way to promote movies. Just see what “Blair Witch Project” has achieved through this kind of marketing. Not much, except becoming the most profitable movie in the history of film

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