Marketing Idea No. 110 – Alternative universities for alternative professions

Confirming our nickname as “hujugeye” nation, we cling to the conventional wisdom like there is not much truth beyond it.  Before my time, the engineers and doctors of BUET and other institutions had a field day. They were the top professions, netting in the top girls of our society, with the top salaries. Then there were the influx of people leaving the country for Computer Engineering, as if without computer engineering there is no tomorrow.

And then there was BBA.

The Bachelor in Business Administration came, saw and conquered in a space of 3-4 years. And that gave birth to the new urban legend(s) of the day – without BBA there is no job, without MBA there is no career progression etc. etc.

And to add fuel to the fire, we have just about 100s of institutions springing here and there offering BBA / MBA programs. Which springs the interesting question in mind…is there room for other kind of professions?


  1. The media is on the rise. But there is no institution offering professional degree in private sector on media journalism.
  2. The YouTube generation is rising, powered by a camcorder. But how many professional degrees and institutions are out there to offer education to this generation? Only a couple come in mind. But that is definitely not enough

Its not only this. There is always demand for alternative careers for people who are tired or never look forward to a corporate career. Agreed, they may be the niche group, but they exist. And if we can have institutions that cater to the needs of the djs, the rjs, the sports enthusiast, the singers and give professional degrees with solid affiliation with great international universities, dare we say its gonna work?

You bet it will.

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