Marketimg Idea No. 258 – Do you recruit the right people for your brand?

Recruitment is often seen as the job of Human Resources manager. After all most of us think HR manager is the guy with least amount of work and worry, so if he cant recruit a half-decent guy, whats the point of having an HR manager?

But to get the best out of any recruitment, 3 person needs to be involved.

Person 1 would be the brand guy. The brand owner/manager (it can also be the CEO) should specify in details what the company’s brand values are and what kind of people they should recruit to reflect those values. If the company thrives on fast execution, no point taking “Thinkers” and “Strategiests”. If the company’s core value is service, no point taking introverts.

The second and third person would be the supervisor of the potential recruitee and the HR manager. The supervisor would specify what kind of people he needs through a Job Description and HR manager would then go on the hunt. In this modality, HR’s new role as a business partner is enhanced and HR can tell what kind of person would be best fit for the organizational culture, supervisor is involved so he knows exactly what kind of people would fit into the team and brand custodian is involved so company’s brand positioning is reflected in the company’s day to day activity as well.

  1. Dennis 9 years ago

    I am officially a fan. Straightforward ideas that make me think, “hey! These things make sense. ” kudos!

  2. karim 9 years ago

    great observation

  3. Great idea. Your tips really so helpful. Thank you.

  4. My Complaint 9 years ago

    Great post. Really wonderful idea. Thank you so much.

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