Marjeting Idea No. 95 – A blind date with your favorite concert

With the first puff of winter breeze comes the season of concerts. And we do have quite a few variation of them, namely, open air, unplugged, underground, indoor, fundraising etc. However, with more than 20 glorious years behind them, we need some change in the concert scenery as its all getting too predictable and one dimensional.

I mean think about it. You see the poster, know who is playing, buy the ticket, gather around and do some major head banging. Thats the routine.But what if you didnt know whose playing? What if you d idnt have a clue whats gonna happen in the concert? Wouldnt that made it more intriguing?Imagine this. There is this big hoopla surrounding a concert. Everyone is talking about it. But none really knows whose gonna play and whats gonna happen. Your responsibility is have faith in the power of music, buy a ticket and just be there. And once you are there the big opening act is a duet between Hyder Hussain and John of Black, followed by one band after another. The beauty is, you just never know whats gonna happen and whose gonna play.

This kind of concerts were introduced in USA by Miller Draft Beer and they were a huge success. It’s a matter of time we should do something similar. Its time to inject some new energy.  

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