Marketing Idea No. 96 – Play Up to Line Up

While its expected that we encounter different kinds of music in different places we shop, have we ever thought their might be some story behind it? Or even more importantly, have brand builders here really put to good use the power of music in point of sales purchase decisions?

You might find it pointless. You go to a fast food joint, you hear rock music (and loud one too). You go to a good restaurant, you hear classy tunes. You go to a lounge, you hear a jazz tune. Isnt that obvious? Whats the big deal?

Well, Victoria’s Secret, the worlds favorite lingerie brand did not think so. They have conducted years of research and found out that by playing a certain kind of music in store, they can influence the purchase decision heavily. I mean believe it or not, they have backed it up with data and experiments.

Not only that, fast food joints also used different types of music to influence sales pattern. When they wanted people to eat slowly, so that their waiters can take their time as they are short in numbers, they play a kind of music. When they want people to hit their eating overdrive, they play another kind of music. 

Come to think of it, its quite obvious. Music has a very stong affect on our mood. And our mood has everything to do with our purchase behavior.

But its not just a question of playing  a fast tune and line up for the customers. Its not as simple as that. The brand has to find out what it want the music to do for them, find a tune that suits their brand essence and play it accordingly.

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