Marketing Idea No. 93 – 10 rules for giving your brand a good name

Think how much effort we go through to give a good name to our children. Multiply it by 100 and thats the kind of effort should go to naming your organization / brand. But, as a prime example of “Criminal business behavior” we do exactly the opposite.

Thats why though naming is probably the most important issue about creating or destroying a great brand, its the issue that gets the least focus from us. Our whimsical naming strategy starts from giving our brand a name based on our children, mother in law, wife, us (yes!! ourselves) and stretches down to something as unbelievable as giving a name that already exists in the market! 

So here are 10 rules that must be followed to give a great brand name.

  1. Keep it short and simple. Example: Google.
  2. Be suggestive of the category and benefit – Example :Etc.
  3. Don’t use common widely used words – Example : Tripty
  4. Use alliteration – Example : Volvo
  5. Be easy to say and read- Kodak
  6. Be shocking and different and from existing names – Voot
  7. Don’t put one name for all products – Example : Fresh Atta, Fresh Cement, Fresh Water 
  8. Don’t put your or any person’s name unless established
  9. Use a name, not an acronym – ICDDRB
  10. Always register your name

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