Marketing idea no. 72 – Marketing power of corporate stories

Inspired by the writings of Evelyn Clark 

A picture maybe worth a thousand words, but the value of a good corporate story in driving internal branding and fire up employees is priceless.

Gone are the days when employees used to sing along the company mission statement and feel proud of it. After all, they are just a bunch of words jumbled together to make them look like any other mission statement of any other company. Thats why leaders of modern age use the hidden power of storytelling to make the employees inspired and motivated.

Nike leaders tell their employees about their founder Bill Bowerman and how one day his curiosity drove him to pour latex in the waffle iron of his wife – which evenually gave birth to the famous Nike’s waffle-soled running shoes.

FedEx employees are told about the heroics of an employee who, in one stormy night, was delivering a package in Hawaii. A strong wind sent a package from his truck into the ocean and the employee, without a moments hesitation, jumped inot the ocean, retrieved the package and delivered it to the destination in soaking clothes.

These are just the kind of stories that provides meaning to the employees and make them fired up for a cause greated than their mundane day to day activity. So if you are the 21st century corporate leader, you need to dig up such stories and use them to motivate your work force.  

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