Marketing Idea No. 71 – How adventurous are you?

For the past thirty years, customer service differentiated one brand from another, and companies that delivered the best service would rise above the competition. Today, the bar is being set to an even higher level, as more & more brands are beginning to deliver exciting, interactive, and compelling experiences. A new premium is being placed on venturing out into the world, collecting new adventures & memories, and pushing personal limits.

Today, world famous brands are incorporating adventures, games into their brand experience.

Nike Operation 6453

One such great expample is that of Nike, when it introduced the new Air-Force-X MID shoes, in 2004. Nike created an adrenaline-filled promotional event to infuse excitement and urban adventure into the official launch of the shoes.

Nike’s Operation 6453 was an on-foot scavenger hunt that navigated participants through the streets of New York to find sixteen different poster locations. To get involved, would-be participants sent a blank text message to 6453-NIKE and received registration instructions. Players sent text messages to Nike for poster locations, and in turn were sent cooedinates. The hunt took place over four days, and when players located posters, the messaged a code on the poster, to Nike. The shortest times between receiving and finding the posters received the highest scores. Winners bagged a limited-edition version of the Nike Air Force_X MID, designed by New York street artist Stash. Runners-up got a chance to buy the shoes at an exclusive prelaunch event.

Now, that’s the way to create a brand experience for the new generation of consumers who constantly crave adventure and something new in their lives.

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