Marketing Idea No. 45 – A Super Shop That Will Carry the “Number 1” brands only

Departmental stores and super shops contain a number of brands in every product category, so that customers can choose from a wide range. However, there are three downsides of this strategy

1. Total inventory cost is very high

2. Sometimes customers get bewildered with the bedazzling array of choices

3. Every super shops follow the same appraoch. So where is the differentiating factor?

Holding that thought in mind, we can introduce a shop or super store which will carry only the Number 1 selling brand of each category. Sounds limiting? Well, think about it.Think about how much you can reduce your inventory cost. Think about how much you can reduce your dependence on supply chain problems. And that is only one benefit. There is more.

If customers want to choose from a wide range, go to Agora or other super shop. But if you want to buy the best brand, just to come to our store. We have pre-selected it for you. Customers will be happy as they will automatically know they are buying the best from the best. The quality check is already done by the retailer on behalf of the customer.

But more importantly, this super shop or departmental store will STAND OUT in the sea of stores. And that in itself is a priceless value addition.

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