Marketing Idea No. 32 – Horror / Thriller films or dramas should make a comeback

This idea is contributed by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 

Its been official. Whatever youth in western countries do, we have a 1 year lead time to catch up and imitate.

Dont believe me? How about Rock music then. In the era of boy bands and soft pop, it seemed rock music was doomed forever. Then in the early part of this millenium, rock bands like Linking parks and Limp Bizkits broke through. And it became the “It” genre of music. At about the same time, the so called underground revolution took place in Bangladesh. And now these rock bands are actually selling more albums than some of the established bands of the 80s and 90s. Another catch up job well done.

The same trend can be told about the metrosexuality of men, influence of  Hip Hop, dj parties, and a lot lot more.

If so, Bangladesh is now a fertile ground for the thriller / horror genre of films / dramas to make a revolution. But so far, we have missed the bus. In western countries, horror has make a glorious come back. The counter cultural movement is welcoming this genre with open arms. Even in India you see the influence. Gone are the days when bittersweet melodramas are just about the only thing available in Indian cinema halls. Now they have some really cool thrilling stuffs as well.

If the trendwatching is done properly, some talented film maker in Bangladesh should grasp this opportunity with open arms and make a cool horror / thriller flick that can set up the whole scene. Who is it gonna be?

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