Marketing Idea No. 26 – A Coil that works like an air freshner

This idea is contributed by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan

When that irritating buzzing sound is nearby, nothing quite seems peaceful. I, of course, am referring to mosquito. To get rid of mosquitoes, we have a range of coils manufactured and marketed in the country. The current coils are differentiated in terms of shape, color and amount of smoke.  A major deterrent for coil using was the smoke. It is thought to be harmful.  Agreed that right now we have coils that do the job without creating much or any smoke. But those are quite expensive and out of the reach of low income group. Also, what about the smell? It is not that we don’t want any smell, otherwise we would not have bought any air or car fresheners. The problem is we want the right kind of smell, not the kind of smell that usually comes out of coils. 

The Big Idea 

Introducing low cost, smoke producing, mosquito coil that smells good. We can utilize this coil for two different purposes. One vital use is to kick out the mosquitoes and the other issue is to use as air freshener. All that we will have to do is to add some perfume in (A Major R&D job). This feature will work as an extra value for the coil.  But most importantly this will help the Coil to stand out in the market. ACI and Reckitt, are you listening?  

  1. Habib Rashid 14 years ago

    This is an excellent idea. I have no confusion about it but to avoid coil smell we are proposing to use another chemical that will be harmful to environment. We may notice the air freshner in the toilet or in the room of executives. It is spraying after 4-5 minutes. It is spraying some chemicals that has good(?) smell but harmful to environment.

    If we can make it friendly to environment this will be a big break through.

  2. Muksitul Islam 14 years ago

    Its already there in the market.
    Mortein King Xtra Power Coil & Mortein Powerbooster coil.
    Both are jasmine fragranced.

    Mortein pioneered the fragranced coil segment in 1997 with the launch of Mortein King coil. Needless to say, its been an immense hit and still is.

    ACI followed with the launch of ACI Red in 2003.

  3. Mahbub Baset 12 years ago

    Hi Muks,
    Mortein Launched Red Coils with Jasmine fragrance in 1996 as Mortein King Coil. The launch was supported by a clutter breaking copy featuring “Pijush Bondopaddhay”.

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