Marketing Idea No. 259 – The winners and losers of 2013

2002 was a turning point for telephone business when number of mobile phones surpassed number of fixed line telephones. This year a similar feat is going to take place on a slightly different place.

2013 is going to be a year of breaking new grounds. This will be the year when the number of users connecting to internet through mobile devices (smart phone and tablet) will exceed number of users connecting through fixed line (PC and Laptop). And as always when we break new grounds, there will always be a winner and a loser.

Winner: The winner will of course be Apple. They already have 3-4 th of market share in tablet computing and very strongly placed in smart phone market.

Loser: The loser will be PC era giants like Microsoft (Didnt move to mobile operating software), HP (No service business, laptop business not increasing and no presence in mobile market), Dell (Same as HP; if not worse), Nokia (Didnt put internet at the center of their device strategy)

Question Mark: Google and Facebook will continue to face challenges because their revenue comes from advertising and they havent yet cracked up a process how to make money through mobile internet advertising. The biggest question mark of all will be Facebook. This will be a transformational year for Facebook when they either will find a solution to earn money from their massively popular and populated social network platform (and incite the anger of their millions of users in the process). Or, they will forever be the poster boy of Internet 2.0; where high traffic, user and popularity doesnt generally mean high cash. Just ask Twitter.

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