Marketing Idea No. 219 – Reality bites

There is an increasing tendency across the world to search for something “Real”. As an off-shoot of that we see a lot of interesting trends.

1. There is an increasing interest in spirituality. Phrases like “Searching for true self”, “Journey to find oneself” are becoming part of our vernacular. That also means movies and books like Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray and Love” – not matter how vain it seems to an ordinary bystander, will have immense popularity in this increasingly spiritual world. The rise of increasing interest in eastern medicine, yoga and buddhism can also be traced to that.

2. Reality TV has been the “in” thing and its popularity is continuing to rise. On a general evening, regular people would rather watch other regular people crushed and humiliated by other reality tv judges and contestants than watch a soap opera or an award fucntion.

3. The popularity of Slasher and horror genre can also be attributed to this so called search for something real. As regular people got tired of underdog hero saving the day, they would rather watch the hero crash, burn and in this process lose a limb or two!

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